the best is yet to come!

the best is  yet to come!

Thursday, 2 March 2017


 For a very  long  time i wanted to  visit this beautiful city in the Mediterranean . I  was certain that i  would  love  the architecture .Before i went i tried to know everyone who lived there and what do must people visit . I went for only 5 days so i had to make a schedule.

 Las Ramblas was for sure my first destination .i wanted to see the people and try  to feel like them.there  where manny tourist  thought .So we decited to  go to the local market to get away and see locals . The market is a must see if  you wanna see what  people eat and do .
 Even  if  you wanna do  tourists thing or  not just walking around the  city you  find noumerous atractions
 The city is so  clean and the people are very happy..Its  the only place that from the first second feels like  home.
 the only bad  thing is at the park Guel the put a  ticket of 8 euros just for the marble staff and we didnt know so we waited 2 hours to go  in , To be honest the best part of the park  was the free  one and we lost 2  hours waiting afterwards cause nobody told as which part was the one with the ticket.
An other important thing if you are planning to  visit one of the days must be a Sunday .In Sundays all the city is out in the parks .Everywhere  you  go you ll see people enjoying them  self.You can dance  or see people dancing.Others play or exercise and then there are  so many markets .You  ll enjoy much as i did i promise

blue..when travelling

  when you are in a plane and you have 3-4 hours to kill and you are not sleepy,your get so bored.
 Me in .the other hand i try something to do. Like taking picture for example .Here  i  share  some above Italy.
  Always  take  with  you  a book  so   you ll seem occupied if the person-stranger next  to you is being annoying ,you l have an  excuse to avoid  any conversation.
Try  wearing something comfortable and a hudy will be handy if you wanna  sleep.
Big  tip phone must be fully charged and download map in google so you  can   know where  you are while flying its really cool  to  look down and recognize everything.
 Sit-belts on and have a  goodflight..mwah

photo like art

I am always amazed when a take a  random photo and  something very powerful comes out of  it that it looks like a  painting i  can put on my  wall here are some examples .

I was indoors in a moving car and i  was enjoying my ride in Oxford street..this in  what i got..hope you like it

Monday, 6 February 2017

TV 2 | All That We Share

 what a  great advertisement!!!

against racism against stereotypes against  labels!!

being human and having feeling is an us!! look at someone with an us instead of he or she will make a difference in the  meaning of community!

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Sigma - Find Me ft. Birdy

Millie Bobby Brownthis  kid  will go far  and  shine as  a  star   she is!

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Oh Wonder - All We Do

Brilliant music video